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Changing Communities for the Better Through Citizen Academy

Whether you’re a community organizer, a nonprofit worker, a social entrepreneur or just someone who wants to help your neighbors, Points of Light’s Citizen Academy can give you the skills you need to make a difference.

From Zero to 60 Playgrounds – Chance Volunteer Encounter Leads to Playful Pastime

A chance volunteer project led to a joyful pastime for Ed Barker – building playgrounds. He's helped build 60 in the past six years.

Pursuing Passions While Serving Others

Community activist Syreeta Gates says one of the great joys of volunteerism is being able to explore interests while helping others: "I’m following my own passions and want to help others do the same.”

Health Center Volunteers Shine as Daily Points of Light

This week’s Daily Point of Light Award winners are united in their commitment to address the health needs of their communities. For National Health Center Week, Points of Light in partnership with the National Association of Community Health Centers honors health center volunteers.

Making Sure Her Neighbors Get the Care They Need

A former Army medic, stay-at-home mom and nursing home worker, Clara DelGallo has spent years caring for others. And for nearly three decades, she has been involved in making sure that the people in her community get the care they need.

Today's Education Crisis and the Table of Brotherhood

As the sun set on the Martin Luther King, Jr. historic district, I arrived at an event that would kick off our national commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington. Hosted by Bernice King, daughter of Dr. King, and President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter, Atlanta's Sunday Supper brought together a spectacular assembly.

Giving Kids a Novel Reason to Get Excited for Doctors' Visits

Sharing his love of reading with children – some who have never had anyone read to them – has become a cause of sorts for 17-year-old Alex Ricciardelli.

No Matter Where You’re From, Volunteer Service Unites Us All

I never thought that human beings across the world would feel the same love and care for others, whether from Australia or Korea.

An Experience to Remember

I never thought that at such a young age helping my community could lead me to a place where I'd be sitting in the midst of cameras and important people in the service world.

How a 9-Year-Old Is Using Her Family's Lemonade Recipe to Free Child Slaves

Last year, at 8 years old, Vivienne Harr saw a photo of two Nepalese children, slaves burdened by large rocks tied to their backs. After learning that child slavery is common throughout many parts of the world, Vivienne took a stand – armed with a lemonade recipe and the desire to do good.

Shining a Light on Health Center Volunteers for National Health Center Week

Volunteers are vital to the more than 9,000 Community Health Centers across the country, which serve more than 22 million patients in largely underserved communities. For each weekday during National Health Center Week, August 11-17, 2013, Points of Light will recognize a health center volunteer or team of volunteers for the invaluable work they do with a Daily Point of Light Award.

Learnings From the Civic 50: America’s Most Community-Minded Companies

A recent workshop about The Civic 50 drove home the value of incorporating social responsibility into corporate strategy, and of companywide involvement in addressing community needs. It was inspiring to hear these leaders discuss the key trends they are most excited about in the world of corporate social responsibility.