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I'll Admit it: I Don't Care for Turkey

This year, TIME magazine asked several influential people what they were most thankful for. Not surprisingly, I loved President George H. W. Bush’s response.

Top Five Resources for Volunteers Who Want to Create Projects

Whether you’re a budding or longtime volunteer, these resources can get you on your way to developing your own projects with your family, friends and neighbors.

Daily Point of Light Award Turns 25, Honors American Doctor’s Amazing Story of Change in Haiti

Twenty-five years ago this week President George H. W. Bush gave the first Daily Point of Light Award. Commemorating the silver anniversary of the award program, Points of Light invites you to meet today’s honoree, Dr. Patricia Wolff, and to nominate someone you know as a Point of Light.

Bringing Financial Coaching to Those Who Need it Most

For Beverly Sanders, living on a budget used to sound like going on a diet: It's the right thing to do, but it’s hard to know where to start. That began to change in early 2014, when friends persuaded Sanders to try a new financial coaching program called the Financial Opportunity Corps, an innovative partnership between Points of Light, the Corporation for National and Community Service and Bank of America.

They're Showing Their Kids the Feeling You Get When You Volunteer as a Family

It was always an integral part of his life. But Greg Georgantas’ passion for volunteer service really took hold when he started working at Disney. Now, his whole family is involved in giving back – together – to their community in Anaheim, Calif.

Days of Service Spark Commitment to Volunteering Among Belk Employees

Belk’s plan was ambitious – 125 days of volunteer service to celebrate the department store chain’s 125th anniversary. The idea was to not only do a one-day project, but to continue those ties after the 125 days were over. And it worked.

Let's Disconnect to Connect this Holiday Season and Teach Kids the Value of Caring

The holiday season is a perfect time to disconnect from the distractions around us and connect with our families through service to others, such as on Family Volunteer Day, Nov. 22.

Fast Company Highlights PwC, Points of Light Initiative to Support Women Entrepreneurs

Fast Company magazine ran an exclusive today – the first Women’s Entrepreneurship Day – about a new initiative to boost women entrepreneurs. With support from the PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc., Points of Light will select the next group of entrepreneurs to benefit from its Civic Accelerator with a gender lens, selecting only startups that help women and girls gain equal access to opportunities.

This Family Uses Science to Spark `Aha' Moments in Kids

When school lets out for summer break, most students cast aside their textbooks. But one family dedicated their summer to helping young people keep learning.

Top Five Resources for Nonprofits

From managing volunteers to making your organization more hospitable, these key resources will give you effective strategies for addressing challenges that face nonprofits today.

When You Feel Compelled to Address Community Challenges, Leadership Skills Come in Handy

Sometimes the concept of “engaging one’s community” can seem a bit daunting. That was the case for me in my job at our campus’ volunteer center. Sometimes though, you feel compelled to act and just do something.

Help All Vets Live With Dignity and Hope

Transitioning from the Marine Corps in 2006 to the civilian world was far from easy. Even after earning a college degree, I struggled to find meaningful employment, endured a form of homelessness politely known as “couch-surfing,” self-medicated with alcohol and eventually got a DUI. None of this helped my job prospects. Eight years later, I’ve turned it around.

Service Before Self – Reflections on Military and Civilian Service

Sometimes, you need a push. Or a shove. At 17, my parents told me I was on my own to pay for college. Partly because of the expense, partly because they believed I would appreciate a college education more if I earned it. I took a leap of faith and signed up for the still-nascent AmeriCorps.

She Uses Her Background as a Child With Parents in the Military to Serve Vets and Their Families

Having grown up with both parents serving in the military, Charity Bowen knows firsthand the challenges veterans and military families can face. Moving from base to base as a child gave her deep insight into the community she serves today as a member of the Veteran Leader Corps.

Volunteer Service Feels Like Home for This Nomadic Family

Having moved 11 times in the past 19 years – whether to Germany or various posts around the United States – the Cross family has learned to adapt to their ever-changing surroundings. The common denominator at every stop has always been to support not only men and women in uniform, but their entire community through volunteer service.

Using Our Skills to Serve Those Who Served Our Country

In the midst of a military drawdown and the increased numbers of veterans transitioning from service, it’s more important than ever for companies to reach out to their communities through their philanthropic efforts to fill the gaps in services that nonprofits do not have the capacity or capabilities to fill.

Veteran Finds His Way to Stability Through the Veteran Leader Corps

Air Force veteran Spirit Padilla never imagined he’d experience joblessness, homelessness and underlying feelings of despair stemming from his military service. But that’s what the last several years had been like for him until recently.

See How an Act of Kindness Has Served Thousands of Foster Kids

As World Kindness Week (Nov. 10 - 14) approaches, I think about how one small act of kindness can have a tremendous impact on countless people. I’d like to share my small act with you, in hopes it will inspire your own.

Which One of These Inspiring Women Will You Vote For?

From a 19-year-old college student who created a computer program that teaches the cloud how to diagnose breast cancer, to a 62-year-old quadriplegic woman addressing childhood hunger in her city, the 2014 Women of Worth honorees are creating change in their communities and beyond. Meet these 10 inspiring women and vote for your favorite.

What Are the 10 the Most Innovative Citizen Engagement Programs in the Country?

The National Journal today named ServiceWorks – powered by AmeriCorps, the Citi Foundation and Points of Light – as one of the 10 most innovative citizen engagement programs in the country.