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NFL Safety Jonathan Meeks Inspires Hope, Creating Opportunities for Youth

"I volunteer because I want to impact change, not only in my community but in the world," said Jonathan Meeks, NFL safety – an unrestricted free agent who previously played four seasons with the Buffalo Bills. Jonathan uses his platform to give back, locally and around the world. In his hometown of Rock Hill, South Carolina, he recently launched the J. Meeks Athletic Scholarship program for high school seniors and volunteers to speak and engage with students at local schools.

NFL Cornerback Coty Sensabaugh Pays it Forward, Serving Communities in Need

"I volunteer because I enjoy putting smiles on other people's faces," said Coty Sensabaugh, cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Coty finds every excuse to help others – even at his own wedding, where in lieu of gifts, he and his wife asked guests to donate shoes or money to Soles4Souls. Accompanied by friends and family, the newlyweds traveled to the Dominican Republic and distributed more than 11,000 pairs of shoes to people in need.

NFL Tight End Jared Cook Gives Back to Empower Youth and Change Lives

"I volunteer because of the young men who look like us, who are in the same situations as us, who need mentors," said Jared Cook, tight end for the Oakland Raiders. Off the field, Jared can be found giving back – whether it be helping out through fundraising events or volunteering to help provide food to people in need. The importance of service was instilled in him early on, volunteering with his parents at soup kitchens and donation drives.

NFL Linebacker Sam Barrington Models Leadership and Volunteerism for Youth

"I volunteer because I care for future change. In 20 years I want to look back and see how much this world has changed, and know that I was a part of changing it,” said Sam Barrington. Throughout his career, Sam has made time to give back to the community, receiving honors from the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce for his work with the NFL’s Play 60 program as well as local Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and PALS chapters.

NFL Safety Michael Thomas Follows Lifelong Commitment to Give Back and Create Change

"I volunteer because I want to see real change in our communities," said Michael Thomas, safety for the Miami Dolphins. Dedicated to giving back, he was one of the first NFL players to participate in the First Step Program – an initiative led by Daily Point of Light Award honoree Scott Van Duzer that gives kids and teens the opportunity to engage with community leaders on a regular basis, coming together for casual pick-up games, mentoring and small group discussions on community issues.

Making the Business Case for Employee Volunteering

For companies, building a culture that connects volunteering to a broader organizational mission can require an intentional and sustained effort to engage stakeholders, creating a strong business case and adopting policies and programs supportive of service. Increasingly, leaders in corporate citizenship are building the skill set and experience to translate the importance of engaging employees in service to the vernacular of an executive boardroom.

Finance Advocate Champions New Financial Literacy Education Standards in Delaware Schools

If Connie Montana had her way, figuring out how to balance a checking account or improve a credit score would be as commonplace in America’s schools as learning the difference between a metaphor and a simile. For more than two decades, Connie has volunteered to help people improve their financial literacy through one-on-one financial coaching.

Army Veteran Fights Terrorism by Funding Education for Refugee Children

For U.S. Army veteran Zack Bazzi, protecting our national security and making sure Americans are safe is an ongoing mission. However, he believes that the solution to keeping our nation safe goes well beyond our borders.

Employee Spotlight: Paying Kindness Forward to Help Immigrants and Refugees Build New Lives, Promising Futures

Though Sam Dooma, director of information technology at Points of Light, spends much of his day managing the technical needs across the organization’s three offices, his time outside of work is dedicated to volunteer work in support of immigrants and refugees.

Recognition Program Helps Nonprofits Thank, Inspire and Recruit Volunteers

Volunteers are vital to nonprofits, helping them keep up with the critical services they provide to their communities. According to the latest Volunteering and Civic Life in America report from the Corporation for National and Community Service, 62.6 million people in the United States volunteered in 2015, collectively donating 7.8 billion hours of their time to their communities – an estimated $184 billion worth of service.

Recognize a Community Changemaker with a Daily Point of Light Award

April showers, warm temperatures and the return of baseball season all mean one thing – spring is here and volunteer recognition season is in full swing. Beginning on April 23, National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to recognize and thank volunteers who lend their time, talent, voice and support to causes they care about.

3 Ways You Can Support Military Caregivers in 2017

There are nearly 5.5 million military caregivers in the United States, with 20 percent caring for and supporting post-9/11 veterans. Military caregivers are hidden heroes, dedicating their time, efforts, and love to a role that receives little recognition and acknowledgment.

How a Small Island Nation Built a Community of Volunteers from a Culture of Generosity

As a small island nation with a population of a little more than 150,000 people, it is hard to imagine that NGOs in Curaçao have ever had trouble finding volunteers to support their causes. With a strong cultural standard of generosity, the citizens of Curacao are rarely without help in their time of need – but until recently, there was no formal infrastructure to connect volunteers looking for ways to give back and opportunities to serve.

Helping Survivors of Human Trafficking Find Peace and Healing Through Art

“The arts work to restore dignity, encouraging the survivor’s voice to come out of hiding and help create the safety of exploring extremely painful stories in a positive and productive way,” said Anne Pollack. “Art is a deeply reliable companion and an indescribably powerful coping strategy to manage PTSD. It restores a sense of inner peace and order in lives that are so deserving of our support.”

5 Ways to Engage Kids and Teens in Volunteering

Kids and teens have an exceptional view on the world, and often offer up some of the most creative solutions to problems. Because of that, engaging them in volunteer work is a great way to solve community problems in a unique way. Additionally, it also helps foster important social and emotional competencies, like empathy and compassion, and develop key 21st century skills like critical thinking and collaboration.

Sisters Recycle Crayons to Inspire Passion for the Arts

At just 15 and 12 years old, Abby and Riley Neff recognize the importance of the arts. “The arts are like a bridge,” said Abby. “They bring people together.” So when the girls realized that many kids in their community of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, didn’t have access to simple art supplies, they set out to find a solution. They thought of the most basic craft supply – crayons.

Tips for Planning a National Volunteer Week Event

National Volunteer Week is a time to recognize and thank volunteers who lend their time, talent, voice and support to causes they care about in their community and around the world. If you work with volunteers or know of a group of deserving volunteers, consider hosting a National Volunteer Week event in their honor. Here are a few tips:

What’s Working for Employee Volunteering in Asia?

With growing dialogue around purpose in the workplace and the increasing number of community-minded brands in the market, consumer and employee engagement trends in the United States are fueling the rise of corporate citizenship. Similar trends are also emerging in Asia.

A Mission to Connect: Mentorship Program Pairs Vets and Military Volunteers with At-Risk Youth

“I grew up as a foster child and was later adopted. I never truly fit in or knew who I was,” said Tee Hanible, founder of Operation Heroes Connect. “I’ve turned my pain into helping and inspiring young people to reach their full potential just as others helped me. The moral to this story is to never let your current pain consume you; use it as a platform to reach your greatest calling!”

3 Volunteer Ideas that Benefit Kids and Teens

If you’re interested in putting your passion and skills to work, but aren’t sure where to start, look towards the next generation! There are so many opportunities to support kids and teens by inspiring them, supporting them and investing in them. Here are three ways you can get involved by helping kids and teens.

From Lonely Lunches to Anti-Bullying App, How One Teen Helps Others Create Kindness in Schools

In 7th and 8th grade, Natalie Hampton faced a terrible bullying experience. Every day, she ate lunch by herself and dealt with the pain and isolation that comes from being the outsider. She decided she wanted to give bullied kids an ally – not just in her Sherman Oakes, California, school, but in schools around the country.