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Jan 24
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With all of these inspiring examples of Civic 50 companies stepping up to meet the needs of their communities through their community involvement programs, we are beginning to see how many in the business community are moving away from a “social responsibility” mindset where social issues are at the periphery of business, to one where they are closer to the core of business strategy.
Dec 05
Today, Points of Light, the National Conference on Citizenship and Bloomberg announced The Civic 50 – the 50 most community-minded companies in the nation. I hope you’ll put your money where your values are and use your purchasing power to support all the companies that are doing great work in their communities.
Nov 19

Today’s guest post is written by Julie Murphy, vice president of government affairs and public policy at Points of Light.

On Wednesday, Nov. 7, the nation awoke to a familiar political scene: the re-election of the incumbent President and Congress still split between a Democratic Senate and a Republican House of Representatives. Here are some trends and opportunities for the service and volunteerism sector:

Cooperation, Compromise, Common Purpose

“What makes America exceptional are the bonds that hold together the most diverse nation on earth, the belief that our destiny is shared, that this country only works when we except certain obligations to one another… That's what makes America great.”  President Barack Obama on election night