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Dec 09
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Announcing Donor Boost: By embedding a Donor Boost button on a thank-you page or in a thank-you email donors see after contributing, your organization can make it easier for donors to encourage their friends to give.
Nov 19
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Fast Company magazine ran an exclusive today – the first Women’s Entrepreneurship Day – about a new initiative to boost women entrepreneurs. With support from the PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc., Points of Light will select the next group of entrepreneurs to benefit from its Civic Accelerator with a gender lens, selecting only startups that help women and girls gain equal access to opportunities.
Aug 14
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The statistics also show that 25 percent of all startups in the U.S. fail in the first year and of those remaining, 36 percent fail the second year. At Women@TheFrontier, we started thinking about these numbers and wondered what hacks could help you thrive in a notoriously challenging startup world. We researched what experts and entrepreneurs at the forefront of their industries had to say and here’s what we found.
Aug 11
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Here are 5 reasons to apply to the Points of Light Civic Accelerator, which invests in and supports seed stage social ventures that solve pressing social and environmental issues by engaging people.