community blueprint

May 26
On Memorial Day, as the nation faces controversies over the care of veterans, Points of Light is proud to laud those like 13-year-old My’Kah Knowlin, who strive to be part of the solution. And year-round at Points of Light, we mobilize volunteers to improve the lives of veterans, those still serving and their families.
May 07
To an audience that included First Lady Michelle Obama and the vice president's wife Jill Biden, Points of Light's President of Programs Delores Morton illustrated how volunteers have changed veterans' lives.
Feb 25
Are you a veteran wondering how to apply your leadership skills to the civilian workforce? Consider the Leveraging Military Leadership Program, a four-month, competitive program designed to help veterans get ahead in their post-military careers.
Nov 11
This Veterans Day, I’d like to pay tribute to all veterans by telling you the story of three people – a boy who lost his dad on 9/11, an Army helicopter pilot and West Point graduate, and a Marine coping with PTSD. All three are making a difference through their service to America’s returning heroes.