Corporate Social Responsibility

Nov 22

After several years of political and economic unrest, including a recession beginning in mid-2015 that pushed the unemployment rate to 9.3 percent, Argentina’s new president, Mauricio Macri recently declared the country “open for business” as part of a campaign to restore economic viability.

Nov 01

Maya Angelou. Quincy Jones. Sting. Tom Brokaw. President Bill Clinton. What do all of these people have in common? Their successes in life would not have been possible without the guidance and advice of a mentor. Civic 50 sector leaders AT&T and Hasbro Inc. recognize the importance of mentorship – especially in the lives of underserved youth who may lack the resources or individuals in their lives to guide them through tough decisions such as college, career, and more.

Oct 04

Service and volunteerism have the power to impact and change lives. And when a corporation engages thousands of employees who are ready to give back to their local communities, innovation and advancement take place on a global scale.

Sep 08
Posted by Robby Montgomery to Tracy Hoover, social good, Corporate Social Responsibility

If you watch Shark Tank, you can picture the set up – an “X” prize competition for social good: bright lights, big stage, tough judges and even tougher questions. Enter our Points of Light team, pitching our idea for bringing more precision to the world of purpose-driven change.