Featured Daily Points of Light

Mar 22
Teri Kelsall understands the drive and potential in U.S. veterans. "The people we've had the opportunity of knowing are truly incredible individuals who work hard and want more for their families than just getting a paycheck," says Kelsall, whose nonprofit organization helps veterans to start their own businesses. "They want to be responsible for building their futures and giving back to their country. They're willing, they're capable and we are going to give them that opportunity."
Mar 21
When her niece confided to her in 2009 that a student she was mentoring wasn’t looking forward to summer because she had no books at home, Melaney Smith wanted to do something to correct the void. She founded Books for Keeps, which gives away tens of thousands of brand-new books each year to schoolchildren across Georgia.
Mar 18
Julie Ogden estimates that over the years, her family has taken more than 1,000 animals, most of them dogs, into their New Jersey home. Even as no-kill shelters and rescue groups have proliferated, Ogden’s fight to save endangered dogs hasn’t slowed down.
Mar 11
As a child, Rosie Arbittier, participated in walkathons sponsored by her local synagogue and placed flags on soldiers’ graves on Veterans Day. That spirit of volunteerism continued into her teens, when she started tutoring special needs students at her middle school in York, Pennsylvania.