Aug 27
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I joined the Hands On Manila family in April, fresh from a two-year sabbatical in graduate school and full of ideas for how make a meaningful impact in the Philippines, where my family is originally from. I quickly learned just how powerful a small handful of individuals can be when they set their minds and hearts to do good.
Jul 29
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Points of Light is helping to connect the volunteer skills, talent, leadership, innovation and compassion of GE employees to the development of the power-sector workforce and the growing number of tech manufacturing entrepreneurs in Nigeria. See how.
Apr 25
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The first national volunteer initiative on Curaçao, CURA DOET, sent a huge wave of positive impact throughout this tiny Dutch Caribbean nation of 150,000 people. Volunteers tackled 132 service projects in almost every neighborhood on the island – coordinated from the headquarters of Curaçao Cares, a new international member of Points of Light's HandsOn Network.
Apr 18
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A series of natural disasters recently hit several parts of the Philippines, leaving thousands of people homeless and infrastructures destroyed. Although Hands On Manila didn’t specialize in volunteer management during disaster, it became one of the coordinating hubs after Typhoon Haiyan for people who wished to help either through donations or as relief volunteers. Now Hands On Manila is figuring out how to respond to disasters.