Good & Ready

Jun 06
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Barbara Moss-Hogan hears a familiar complacency among friends and coworkers living in Savannah, Ga., a coastal city that's been spared by major hurricanes for more than a century. Their talk brings back memories of the bizarre items she and her friends took while evacuating New Orleans ahead of Hurricane Katrina. Volunteers from the Allstate Foundation and Points of Light last week paired up to help inform Savannah-area residents about what to do in the event of a disaster.
May 28
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On a sunny day last June while having lunch with friends, Deanne Ladefoged got word through a cell phone text that she needed to return home – immediately. The fire that had erupted that day in Black Forest, a heavily wooded rural community northeast of Colorado Springs, Colo., was headed for her home. The lesson: Be prepared.
Sep 06
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A flashlight with extra batteries. A first-aid kit. A three-day supply of water. Add these items – and a few others -- to your weekend shopping list, and you’ll be taking a big step toward helping your family be more prepared should a disaster.