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Oct 30
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Insurance would cover much of the physical damage Hurricane Sandy dealt to Memorial School in Union Beach, N.J., but it wouldn’t help rebuild the school community. Working with school administrators and Fidelity Investments, Jersey Cares came up with a plan to reunite the Memorial School family.
Oct 22
For every dollar nonprofits invest in effective volunteer engagement, they can expect up to $6 in return – a six-fold return on investment. Want to use volunteers more effectively at your organization? Check out the Service Enterprise Initiative.
Jul 29
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After my third heart surgery, a friend asked me, “What do you plan to do with your second chance at life?” I made a decision to give back to the community by becoming a volunteer for the American Heart Association. I share my story of survival – my high and low moments.
Feb 06


When President George H. W. Bush described his vision of 1,000 points of light, I was one of a handful of 20-somethings in Atlanta trying to build a movement of people who wanted to roll up their sleeves and solve local problems. It was 1989, and we were raising money by asking people to fill up empty beer mugs with small donations.

At the same time, President Bush was assembling an influential group of business and community leaders at Camp David to launch a new voice for volunteer service supported by millions in federal funding.