Nov 15

For some kids and teens, developing a love of reading can be difficult. After their family experienced this firsthand, siblings Alana, Jacob and Reuben Blumenstein founded to help promote both the love of reading, as well as access to reading for youth and adults alike.

Sep 20

“The single biggest indicator for academic success is having books at home,” said Fatima Yousef, the 16-year-old founder of the nonprofit Stories for a Future. While it’s a statistic she knows by heart, she also knows that having books may not be a reality for many low-income youth.

Mar 21
When her niece confided to her in 2009 that a student she was mentoring wasn’t looking forward to summer because she had no books at home, Melaney Smith wanted to do something to correct the void. She founded Books for Keeps, which gives away tens of thousands of brand-new books each year to schoolchildren across Georgia.
Oct 19

Driving the Cunningham family’s volunteer work is research showing that being able to read by third grade is critical to success in school and as an adult. Plus, sisters Maggie and Harper say, reading is simply one of the great pleasures in life.