Michelle Nunn

Apr 10
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Friends, President Obama's 2014 budget includes a small investment for those who care about volunteer service and a big tribute to the father of the modern-day volunteer movement.
Apr 08
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Friends, This story doesn't start well. Here's the headline from the Chronicle of Philanthropy: "Foundation Giving Won't Rise Much this Year."
Apr 02
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The flyer a colleague sent me lists the facts:

  • More than 16 million children in America are at risk of hunger. That's more than 1 in 5.
  • 1 in 2 children in the City of Detroit face hunger. That's half.
Mar 27
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Friends, When I first met President George H. W. Bush, the honorary chair of Points of Light, six years ago, I was struck by three things: his deeply felt sense that a meaningful life must include service to others, his gracious humility and the fact that he ordered dessert at lunch and encouraged all present to do the same.