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Oct 25
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In times like these, citizens coming together have always made the difference. When we volunteer, we provide more than help. We provide an antidote to cynicism and despair. I’m proud to announce that Points of Light, Bank of America and the Corporation for National and Community Service have joined forces and launched a Financial Opportunity Corps.
Sep 06
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A flashlight with extra batteries. A first-aid kit. A three-day supply of water. Add these items – and a few others -- to your weekend shopping list, and you’ll be taking a big step toward helping your family be more prepared should a disaster.
Sep 06
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HandsOn Tech – a program developed by Points of Light and Google, with support from AmeriCorps VISTA – helps develop the nonprofit sector’s use of technology to improve outcomes for people in eight low-income communities in the U.S.
Sep 05
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For Marisa Thomas, volunteering with at-risk kids is more than a way to give back, it’s her life’s work. “As an adopted child myself, I understand what kids in foster care are longing for,” Thomas says. Nominate a volunteer in your community to be a Cabot Community Celebrity like Thomas and honored on a Caribbean cruise.