service unites

Jun 22

Encompassing the themes of movement making, women’s empowerment, and economic and social justice, the Service Unites Summit at the Conference on Volunteering and Service in Seattle featured individuals from across the globe – coming together around the shared belief that being in the service of others can change the world.

Jun 15

From a young age, Mariela Shaker was a gifted violinist. At the age of 10, she joined the Arabic Institute of Music in Aleppo, Syria, graduating in 2004 with distinction. She then began traveling across Syria to perform in various festivals and concerts, eventually returning to the institute to teach music to a new generation of students.

Nov 23
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Did you know that it was Abraham Lincoln who declared Thanksgiving a federal holiday? It seems especially fitting and worthy of note as we approach this year’s Thanksgiving Day. Because this week's holiday wasn't born from nostalgia about the "good ole days" at Plymouth Rock or because Lincoln’s ancestors were pilgrims. Rather, at America's darkest moment – when economic and ideological divides, and the brutality of war had pitted brothers, neighbors, friends against each other, Lincoln called for thanksgiving.

Oct 13
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Just a week before the first presidential debate, Points of Light gathered a group together for our own version of an “ideas-that-matter conference” in Kennebunkport, Maine. Members of our Advisory Board, the Board of Directors and a few invited guests – corporate partners, foundation leaders, policy experts, artists and filmmakers – shared their insights and input on the future of our movement and how to enact the greatest amount of change possible, for as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.