Nov 29
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The challenges that military families face can be intense: frequent relocation, separation from loved ones and reintegration back into civilian life. However, military families also have unique qualities that make them ideal civic leaders, leveraging their skills and determination to engage in meaningful service in their communities.

Nov 14
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You are likely familiar with the ways that Americans can give back to help veterans, but did you know that veterans are among the most active volunteers working to improve communities across the country? Data from the 2016 Veterans Civic Health Index report created by Got Your Six, revealed that veterans are more likely than non-veterans to volunteer with their neighbors to fix problems in their communities.

Nov 11

Flying for many, especially in a small aircraft, is a nightmare of nerves and airsickness. But for the veterans who take a dream flight with the Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation, it’s a life-changing experience.

Nov 10

Engaging with veterans through volunteer service can be one of the best ways to thank them for their service, provide much-needed support and recognize the important role they play in our communities. Veterans face many challenges upon returning to civilian life, but there are many ways to partner with and support them. Here are some ideas for giving back and celebrating their service on Veterans Day and all year round: