Mar 22
Teri Kelsall understands the drive and potential in U.S. veterans. "The people we've had the opportunity of knowing are truly incredible individuals who work hard and want more for their families than just getting a paycheck," says Kelsall, whose nonprofit organization helps veterans to start their own businesses. "They want to be responsible for building their futures and giving back to their country. They're willing, they're capable and we are going to give them that opportunity."
Nov 15
Lindsey Kirksey’s childhood home is falling apart – two of the four rooms are literally separating from each other. As part of a series of volunteer service projects stemming from Veterans Day, soon volunteers will start demolishing the 82-year-old veteran’s house to build him a new one.
Nov 11
I tell vets who face joblessness and homelessness something I tell myself: “Every day you get up, make sure you do something that’s going to help yourself today.” In my own life, if I look at the big picture it gets overwhelming. Sometimes you have to go little by little, day by day.
Nov 10
As a veteran and a volunteer, Erica Jeffries is clear on what matters: “To do good for others – it’s our purpose in life." On Veterans Day, Jeffries will be creating care packages for deployed troops with Exelis Action Corps, a program that encourages employees of the aerospace and defense company Exelis to serve veterans as volunteers.