Volunteer Stories

Jun 17
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“I used to measure every bit of food to control my calories,” says Liana Rosenman of New York, a recovered anorexic who helps people with eating disorders get the help they need. “Now I measure success by living my dream of becoming a teacher and by helping others succeed.”

Jun 15
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At age 4, Aidan Thomas Hornaday already knew what most people don’t figure out until adulthood – it’s never too early to give back. “Aidan told me he wanted to be a difference maker,” said his mother Toren Anderson. “He said he believed children shouldn’t wait until they are 18 to make a difference.”

Jun 10
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To Cami Anderson, social justice for at risk youth is personal. “My passion for equity and service relates directly to my parents,” she says. “They had three children and adopted nine. Most of my siblings were considered ‘hard to place’ because of a broken child welfare system that doesn’t value kids of color, older kids, or kids with mental and physical health challenges.”

Jun 09

To most people, Syria is a distant country caught in the crossfire of a horrific civil war. But to Rose Farah, 18, Syria is like a second home, a place she summered with grandparents and cousins, a country of tradition, warmth and family. Farah was 13 when the war broke out, a tragic turn of events that changed her world and separated her from family and loved ones.