30 Years As a Pillar of Protection and Leadership in His Community

Daily Point of Light # 7782 Apr 3, 2024

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Chad LeMarr of Brighton, Illinois, is a true testament to unwavering dedication and service to those in his community. For nearly three decades, LeMarr has served as a volunteer firefighter with the Brighton Betsey Ann Fire Protection District, embodying the spirit of volunteerism and commitment to public safety.

Chad’s journey as a volunteer firefighter has been nothing short of remarkable. Coming from a small town of about 600 people, Chad’s grandfather was the fire chief, followed by his uncle and then, finally, he took on the role. Chad described himself as someone who has always wanted to help others, regardless of the situation.

With an annual contribution of roughly 2,000 volunteer hours, Chad has dedicated a significant portion of his life to ensuring the safety and well-being of approximately 10,000 residents across 67 square miles. “We do not have a full-time staff, we are strictly all volunteer,” Chad explained, highlighting the critical role volunteers play in safeguarding the community.

Chad LeMarr is a dedicated volunteer firefighter and assistant chief with nearly 30 years of service.

In his current role as assistant chief of the fire department, Chad goes beyond the call of duty, overseeing day-to-day operations and guiding the next generation of firefighters. “My role is helping with day-to-day operations and training and helping new recruits their roles and expectations,” Chad stated, highlighting his commitment to mentorship and leadership. “I’m currently trying to get the younger generation trained up to do the job safely.” His extensive experience and knowledge make him an invaluable asset not only in fighting fires but in fostering a cohesive and efficient team.

As a chief officer, Chad often takes on the role of incident commander on scenes, a position that demands both strategic thinking and decisive action. “We are a team and do everything we can to get the best outcome for the situation at hand and to keep everyone safe,” he says, emphasizing the collaborative effort required in emergency response. Chad’s leadership ensures that each operation is conducted with precision and care, prioritizing the safety of both his team and the community they serve.

“It takes all kinds of people,” said Chad about volunteer firefighting. “We have different people with different skills – some have computer skills, while others run scenes. Some have both. You need people who are good at different types of things.”

Chad offers an annual contribution of around 2,000 volunteer hours through the Brighton Betsey Ann Fire Protection District.

Chad’s nearly 30 years of volunteer service with the Brighton Betsey Ann Fire Protection District is a powerful reminder of the impact one individual can have on their community. Through his dedication, leadership and willingness to mentor others, Chad has not only contributed to the safety of his community but has also set a standard for volunteerism and public service. “Being able to help people when they’re in their lowest states,” Chad reflected, “that’s the most rewarding part of my work.”

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