AD2 Advertising Club

Daily Point of Light # 1253 Nov 23, 1998

AD2 is an organization made up of 15 young advertising professionals. Annually, AD2 selects a nonprofit organization that would benefit from a public relations campaign. AD2 develops the campaign using their own funds, resources and time.

An example of one of their projects was with Kentucky One Church One Child, an adoption service for special needs children. This service works with approximately 300 children who need homes. AD2 successfully provided a comprehensive statewide public relations campaign that significantly enhanced the public's awareness of the need for adoptive parents. The campaign was also successful in informing and educating the Kentucky community of the unmet needs of these children.

After an initial fund-raiser to fund the project, AD2's members developed a strategy to accomplish their goal. The plan included reaching out to churches, the corporate community, potential adoptive parents and the media through a variety of advertising techniques. The group developed new posters, new brochures, print ads, letterhead, business cards, camera ready copies, radio spots/ public service announcements, a redesign of the agency logo and the placement of 20 billboards in the Louisville area. In addition, AD2 conducted a survey, pre- and post-campaign, to assess the overall success of the project.

AD2's efforts inspired people to adopt and for those who didn't wish to adopt, it inspired them to donate their time and their dollars toward helping to find healthy, permanent families for the children. In total, AD2 supplied more than $20,000 worth of advertisement for Kentucky One Church One Child.

Their success is evidenced in the increase of placements—in the first year of this campaign, 8 children were placed with families. This year, that number has tripled to 25 children.

Dev Staff