Adam Brody

Daily Point of Light # 4212 Mar 26, 2010

Recruiting volunteers for a non-profit event can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned professional. However, when Adam Brady stepped into the role of the new volunteer director the Special Olympics GA, he didn’t have the experience of his fellow committee members to aid him. What he did have was professionalism, determination, and a goal to help make the Special Olympics GA Fall Games a successful event.
Held in Statesboro, GA, the Special Olympics GA Fall Games is a 3-day event where people with intellectual disabilities can have fun and compete in a variety of activities. In recent years, the event has grown to include over 2000 participates, and requires the aid of over 1000 volunteers. Determined for success, Adam sprang into action, recruiting volunteers from Statesboro, both volunteers and other community groups in the area. Next, he created a Facebook Group to further recruit volunteers, and promote the event. However, Adam’s work didn’t stop there.
During the Fall Games, Adam showed initiative, not only organizing and scheduling the 1000 volunteers he recruited for the weekend, but actively looking for ways to help his fellow management team members make sure the games ran smoothly. He took charge during the Fall Games, bringing a sense of relief to his fellow organizers, volunteers, and the participants. Through Adam’s efforts, the Special Olympics GA Fall Games has grown into a very successful program. Adam reminds his fellow volunteers that “the ocean is a mass of individual drops” and through our united efforts we have the ability to make waves of positive change for our communities.