Daily Point of Light # 2637 Mar 15, 2004

The adoptive and foster parents are consummate volunteer caregivers. These volunteers came to the program because of a sincere desire to take care of children. The foster and adoptive parents provide the children with a loving a safe place to start the healing process. They open their hearts and homes to children of all races, ages, backgrounds and crises. Their mission and concern is to take care of children.

The association has set up various activities for service in the community. They set up a special intergenerational project for Make A Difference Day. The association chose to help the elderly in the community, and this activity was chosen to teach the children about different age groups and to help out and give back to the community.

The project offered various activities for the elderly. Some needed assistance with cleaning windows, raking leaves, sweeping and cleaning off carports. Others needed assistance with other odd jobs around the home. Both the parents and the children volunteered and continue to volunteer to help the elderly in whatever areas they have a need. The children benefited from this because they are developing relationships with older adults and learning from them. They also feel good about being able to help someone. The parents get great rewards from seeing the children affected as well as the new “older” friends.

The adoptive and foster parents are continuing their relationship of service with the elderly in their community. They are now planning to set up a voter registration drive and hope for that to be ongoing also.

Dev Staff