Airport Ambassadors

Daily Point of Light # 4784 Jun 8, 2012

In 2011, Detroit Metropolitan Airport provided high quality services to hundreds of thousands of people who landed in Detroit. Travelers Aid Airport Ambassadors are honored to be a part of this team, ensuring that travelers receive the helping hand along the way they need to ensure safe travels for themselves and those they love.

The volunteers give selflessly, serving as the eyes and ears of the airport and reporting at length every travelers question, concern and need to airport authority. These ambassadors spent more than 12,000 hours fielding more than 250,000 questions at the airport last year, helping to ensure that each airport costumer had the best possible travel experience.

Without these volunteers many customers and travelers would be lost inside the airport. All volunteers spend a minimum of four hours a week of their own time helping others. This is what makes them Daily Points of Light.