Albert Guevara

Daily Point of Light # 4527 Jun 14, 2011

“I sense the ability to inspire others and create enthusiasm and excitement…and what better challenge than teaching adults as an amateur teacher? I have this willingness to take risks, especially risks involving dialogue, even if I don’t know where it will take me.”

Albert Guevara, 72, has been a volunteer tutor with Literacy Connection since 2004. He is dedicated to assisting English-speaking, low-literate adults and non-English speaking adults become functional members of our community by teaching them how to read, write and speak English. Because of his own personal experience, Albert understands the value of a good education.

The son of a laborer and seamstress, Albert was born in Dallas, Texas in 1935. He developed his work ethic in childhood when, in 1947, he and his two siblings joined their mother picking crops from farm to farm. Arriving in Chicago in late 1949, the family decided to stay in the city. There, Albert attended vocational school for two years. He left school to help his mother with the family finances and to ensure the education of his two younger brothers. Albert finally earned his GED in the late 1950?s while serving in the U.S. Army. Besides his stint as a soldier, Albert’s varied career has also included stints as an upholsterer, and – for many years – as a builder and welder. Now retired, Albert has applied his considerable energy to tutoring.

Since being matched with his first student in 2004, Albert has tutored a total of 22 students. He donates an average of 45.7 hours each month preparing for and giving tutoring lessons. He presently has nine students whom he tutors on a one-on-one basis and also teaches a two-hour evening intermediate English conversation group of five students for a Family Literacy Program.

Albert is an inspiring example to all who love learning.