Alexandra Kline

Daily Point of Light # 3840 Oct 22, 2008

Alexandra Kine is a part of Mentoring ToDAY and began her mentoring relationship with her mentee in January 2007. She had previously tutored him in another program and he chose her to be his mentor based on their prior relationship.

Mentoring ToDAY serves youth who are returning from incarceration and reintegrating into the DC community, providing them with dedicated mentoring and advocacy services as they strive to establish safe and fulfilling lives. The aim of Mentoring ToDAY is to empower DC’s at-risk youth to recognize their dreams and live their aspirations.

The bond that Alexandra established with her mentee during his time in Oak Hill remains today, despite the fact that Mentoring ToDAY only requires one year of commitment. The connection that Alexandra has established with her mentee is a direct result of unending patience, remarkable persistence and heartfelt compassion. Such qualities are crucial not only to the success of Mentoring ToDAY’s mission but to the success of the city’s youth as a whole. As our mentees reach new heights, they serve as role models to their friends and siblings who, in turn, begin to work towards their own goals.

To date, Alexandra has dedicated over 174 hours to mentoring. Through visits to Oak Hill during her mentee’s incarceration, phone calls, and in-person meetings in the community, Alexandra has persisted in maintaining a healthy and encouraging relationship with her mentee. As a testament to their bond, her mentee has turned to her numerous times when in greatest need and considers her one of his most dedicated advocates.

DC’s youth are craving positive and enduring relationships with caring adults and Alexandra diligently strives to fulfill that desire with her time, thoughtfulness, and encouragement. Her work with Mentoring ToDAY exemplifies all the qualities of an ideal mentor-one who is patient, caring, encouraging, non-judgmental and dedicated.