Alicia Roy

Daily Point of Light # 1248 Nov 16, 1998

Alicia Roy sets an example for other adults to help children in the community. Not only is she a role model as an educator, but she has inspired her Little Sister, Jannell Drennen, to help others. For example, they teach others to be humane to animals and help people act responsibly toward their environment and surroundings.

Ms. Roy is the 1998 Big Sister of the Year for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hampden County, MA, and is the head of the English Department at Palmer High School.

Seven years ago, Ms. Roy saw that many of her students needed more attention than they were getting. As a teacher, she understood how important one-on-one attention is to a child. So she took her talents, time and energy and applied to be a Big Sister.

In October of 1991, Ms. Roy was matched with Jannell Drennen, who was 10 years old and living with her grandmother. Jannell's needs were in the areas of developing self-confidence and improving her work ethic in school. More importantly, she needed someone who could provide extra attention, time and love.

In the seven years that Ms. Roy and Jannell have been together, Jannell's horizons have expanded. During their bi-weekly time together, the two have visited libraries and museums, attended plays, visited colleges and participated in Big Brothers Big Sisters' group events.

One of their most meaningful activities together is their joint volunteer work at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shelter in Springfield, MA. They work together at the shelter every few weeks, performing whatever tasks need to be done.

Ms. Roy is committed to the importance of personal development and personal responsibility. She models these values by example and the impact that she has had on Jannell’s life has been nothing but positive.

In addition to her efforts with Jannell, Ms. Roy is involved in fundraising events and volunteer recruitment for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hamden County.