Allen Lowenberg

Daily Point of Light # 1044 Feb 3, 1998

Allen Lowenberg, in his eleventh year of full-time service to the St. Joseph School District, is affectionately known as Edison Elementary School's "guardian angel".

Although Mr. Lowenberg prefers working directly with students, he helps in many other ways. Office support, kindergarten screening and promotion of his special interest, "conflict resolution," are a few examples. When many teachers are on summer vacation, Mr. Lowenberg tutors students at summer school. He donates more than 160 hours monthly, totaling more than 12,800 hours to date.

Mr. Lowenberg also shares his financial resources; birthday cakes and Christmas gifts arrive for children who would otherwise have none. In addition, he anonymously donates money to help kids and support educational goals. Students know that Mr. Lowenberg is there if they need a visit to the Clothes Closet, a ride home or a hug.

Mr. Lowenberg's efforts do not stop with his own; he invites others to join him. His friends and family members contribute in his name in lieu of anniversary and birthday gifts. He is a community voice for children in poverty on the boards of St. Joseph 2000, Youth Alliance and The Social Welfare.

There are many results that the principal attributes to Mr. Lowenberg's presence and work at Edison Elementary. A significant number of black students at Edison are performing in the top percentile of achievement in math and science, counter to national trends and students are learning how to solve conflicts and deal with anger in positive ways. Additionally, in 1996 Edison was the only school in the district that reported seven areas of significant improvement and none of significant decline.