Allie Thiesse

Daily Point of Light # 5154 Feb 14, 2014

Allie Thiesse of Yankton, South Dakota is an advocate for issues affecting young people and animals.

Thiesse, a junior at Yankton High School, has actively participated and coordinated service opportunities with the Humane Society and organizations benefiting youth since the fifth grade.

Thiesse’s passion for helping youth and animals has motivated her to engage in fundraising initiatives and letter writing campaigns to urge legislators to change laws, which do not prevent the cruel treatment of animals. She took her advocating a step further to educate her peers by inviting Humane Society representatives to speak to her class about the ramifications of animal cruelty.

In regards to her passion for youth, Theisse founded the Walter’s Warriors group to offer support to a fellow classmate who is undergoing his second battle with cancer. Through the initiative, Theisse implemented a t-shirt campaign and raised approximately $7,500 to assist the family with medical costs.

Additionally, she teamed up with her peers, community members, and ART FEEDS to deliver over 40 pounds of art supplies to youth in Oklahoma affected by the deadly tornadoes that devastated the region during the spring of 2013.

Theisse has been serving others for a little over six years now. She plans to continue to fuel her passion and develop her talents for serving others by attending leadership seminars and reaching out to youth in hopes of demonstrating the importance of community involvement.

Dev Staff