Daily Point of Light # 3037 Sep 26, 2005

Alpha Delta Pi is one of the strongest groups on campus and is also very involved in the community. One of their favorite community service endeavors is “Nana” their adopted grandmother at Dogwood Retirement Home that they go and visit weekly. They have been with Nana for at least five years now. Nana always enjoys the visits as well as the ladies of ADP do. I. They help her out in many different ways but the biggest way is being a companion to her. She now has over 70 adopted granddaughters. Nana is an honorary part of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. She has attended Relay for Life with them as well as many other activities. Another on-going service effort that they do is baby-sit for a group that is called In Our Best Interest, which is a support group for domestic violence victims. They do this at least once a month on an on-going basis.

ADPi is also involved in a school-based program that promotes starting a good habit and not a bad habit like smoking, drinking or doing drugs. This new and positive habit is called “Pull for Ronald McDonald”. OPRC, the Baldwin County School System and Alpha Delta Pi worked together to brainstorm the idea and develop this program. Every elementary school class in Baldwin County is now collecting pop-tops for the Ronald McDonald house. These tabs are recycled along with the rest of the tabs the campus collects and all the money goes to the Ronald McDonald House in Macon to help pay the electricity bill.

One thing that has helped ADPi make this so successful is that during every nine weeks of school the class that collects the most pop-tops will get happy meals for lunch and the school that collects the most pop-tops will get their happy meals delivered by the ladies of ADPi. ADPi has taken advantage of their resources in the community and has made a great partnership with the school systems as well as with OPRC. This project would not be as successful if this partnership did not exist.

This year, the GIVE Center is also nominating Alpha Delta Pi for Outstanding Service to the community for their volunteer efforts and their contributions to the campus and community. Alpha Delta Pi has also been recognized as Volunteers for the day during volunteer Appreciation Month in April. They also have students that are going to be asked to be part of the Platinum Touch, which is an Honorary Service Organization that is going to be started on our campus this spring. This spring, Alpha Delta Pi along with one of its members earned the National Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Alpha Delta Pi is a major trendsetter on our campus with their community service endeavors.

Dev Staff