Daily Point of Light # 1970 Aug 22, 2001

Ophelia’s House is a non-profit organization for and about young women in Washington DC. She has always had a desire to aid young women in the Nation’s Capital. So Nevers, along with her ideas and energy, recruited other women interested in the plight of young women in the Metropolitan area.

Nevers was a full-time volunteer in Costa Rica. While there, she worked in the women’s prison for six months. She specialized in teaching parenting and life skills to the women. After coming back to the States, Nevers was employed as a caseworker for adolescents at a health clinic in DC that serves the city’s Latino population.

Nevers became attached to the young women she worked with. In addition to her job, she volunteered her time to the young ladies by teaching SAT prep classes as well as tutoring some of the ladies for the GED. She also spent times assisting the women filling out the lengthy scholarship forms. While doing this community service, Nevers became familiar with the social service system in the District of Columbia. While working with the women, she began to see “gaps” in many of the programs. She saw where she could make a difference.

Nevers began a list of things the women needed based on her observations and discussions with the girls she served. That list became the framework for Ophelia’s House. At the age of 24, Nevers partnered with Leslie Sargent and recruited three of the teen moms to help her with the mission and program ideas. After a pro bono donation of legal services from Arnold and Porter, Ophelia’s House was officially born.

Nevers is always excited to share the vision of Ophelia’s House to gain publicity and support. Under the leadership of Nevers, Ophelia’s House is a reality. They have filed their articles of incorporation and have their non-profit status. In addition to that, they have a bank account, collaboration with local schools and agencies, and on-going programs. Today, only 14 months after she put the idea on paper, the organization is a reality. They have served over 30 teenage girls, many of whom are teen moms and minorities.

In addition to working with Ophelia’s House, Nevers service to her community also spans to other areas. She has worked and volunteered in five non-profits, volunteered as a tutor in local schools, and for over five months was a foster mom to a 14-year old girl.