Daily Point of Light # 3106 Dec 30, 2005

The American Express Employee Volunteer Committee (EVC), established in 1992, is comprised of 20 employees/retirees from 12 American Express sites. EVC members manage valley-wide volunteer events and meet monthly. Each member promotes volunteerism at his or her work site. In 2004, more than 2822 employees participated in team events contributing 14,415 hours to make positive change in their communities. In addition an even larger percentage of employees participated in company-wide drives resulting in nearly 275,782 items. The in-kind value of these donations totaled $387,500.

More than 100 members of the leadership team hold positions on nonprofit boards throughout the valley. Through these volunteer efforts, American Express has developed many relationships with nonprofits, schools, arts organizations and other corporations.

At the Salvation Army, American Express employees have been instrumental in support of community programs providing over 25 percent of the total number of volunteer teams throughout the year. Week after week, American Express teams bring their time, talent, resources and generous hearts to strengthen the neediest individuals and families in this community. These teams complete landscaping, painting, gardens and wall murals as well as hosting special events for youth, families and low-income seniors. The Salvation Army has also benefited by their generosity with two complete computer labs that offer educational opportunities to children and adults. Additionally between November and December, hundreds of American Express volunteers donate their time to the Christmas Angel program, a program that put smiles on in excess of 50,000 children’s faces in December 2004. This program is the largest in the country.

American Express employees continue to ask the question,” How can we help?” With the vast expertise of employees and the many community relationships that have been built, resources are endless. Whether it is equipment or supplies for work projects, food for families, clothing hygiene or baby items or the special knowledge and skills required to complete a computer lab, team members continue to meet the needs of this community making it stronger.

American Express continues to go “above and beyond” in their dedication to improving our community and making positive change for families in need. Strong partnerships have been developed with The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, West Valley Child Crisis Center, Valle de Sol, Westside Food Bank, Sojourner Center, the Corporate Volunteer Council and many more. American Express has developed a web-based customer service-training program in both Spanish and English for Northern Arizona University and Restaurant Management School.

Within these partnerships, the impact has been far reaching. American Express supports all partnerships by providing board leadership to help achieve their missions and the volunteers to help solve community issues. Many of these services would not have as far-reaching affects without the support of American Express.