Amy Granillo

Daily Point of Light # 4990 May 15, 2013

Amy Granillo founded USMC Families, a nonprofit organization staffed by a multi-state network of volunteers providing support to Marine Corps families living both on military installations and within military impacted communities. The military community has an urgent need for family support programs. Amy and her volunteers help fill the gap between the government funding allocated to these programs and the need that is still there after funds are gone. Amy’s organization runs a literacy program, the Book Battalion, which provides an outlet for children to let their imaginations run wild with stories from books. The Book Battalion offers read aloud events, fun reading swag, books, summer reading cultivation workshops, and an online members-only area with downloadable reading activities, a secure educational gaming portal, and learning tools. Additionally, they have developed a Marine Corps Spouse Academy that offers a variety of professional and personal development opportunities for Marine Corps spouses who want to advance on their path to success.

Overall, Amy has spent thousands of hours working with the military community. Her mission is to help as many military spouses and children as she can in any way that she can.

Dev Staff