Andrea Aitken

Daily Point of Light # 3977 May 1, 2009

In order for the military to be successful, it is imperative soldiers can rest easy knowing their families are safe and taken care of. Andrea Aitken assures this by sharing her experiences about army life with new spouses and helping them cope with the challenges they will face. By giving back to the military community, she is sharing strength with the ones left behind and allowing soldiers to complete their missions without distractions and worries about their home life.

Andrea is the president of the Spouses Club in Stuttgart, Germany. Under her leadership, the club has 22 board positions and raises money to give back to the community. In one year alone, the organization gave more than $40,000 in college scholarships to high school students and more than $9,000 thousand to community programs like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Along with being involved with the Spouses Club, Andrea is also a leader of the Afericom Family Readiness Group. She mobilizes volunteers in Africa to provide an opportunity for military stationed there to communicate with their families at the military command center in Stuttgart.

Andrea is a recipient of the Presidential Volunteer award for surpassing 2,000 hours of volunteering in one year and was named the Military Spouse of the Year in Stuttgart in 2008. For this, Andrea is a Daily Point of Light.