Ann Meadows

Daily Point of Light # 3278 Aug 29, 2006

Catholic Social Services has had the distinct honor and privilege of having Mrs. Ann Meadows volunteer with them since 1981 (for 25 years). Mrs. Meadows has volunteered her time, her home and her love to care for foster babies that have come through Catholic Social Services while they are waiting to be placed with their adoptive families. She and her family have given of themselves fully and tirelessly to bond with these babies and let them feel the love of a family.

Over the course of 25 years, Meadows has cared for 42 babies for Catholic Social Services. The agency could not have carried out its mission to provide adoptive services for the community had it not been for people like Meadows. She has served an integral function in an extraordinary capacity for the agency. The commitment that she has given the agency has made it possible to bring together so many families through adoption.

Meadows has been available on a moment's notice to take these newborn babies into her home and care for them as her own. All the while, Meadows has raised her own six children, and cared for her grandchildren as well. She is also very active in her church, St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Prattville. She has been married to Mr. Charles Meadows for almost fifty years.

Catholic Social Services takes pleasure in sharing the tremendous attributes of such an outstanding person. Meadows always greets everyone with a smile and gentle warmth. She has welcomed not only the babies into her home, but also the nervous first time adoptive parents at times to visit with their baby. You can only hear praises sung about Meadows from all of the adoptive families because of her commitment, dedication and compassion.

Though she has lived a life of service, it is doubtful that she will ever realize the depth of how much she has touched these adoptive families over the years. To know that their child has been loved and nurtured by such a loving and selfless person and family while waiting to be placed for adoption is comfort beyond words for most adoptive families. The foster families provide this service out of the goodness of their hearts. There is no adequate way to express the deep appreciation for what Mrs. Meadows has done for the agency and for countless families over the years.