Daily Point of Light # 2645 Mar 25, 2004

Since her retirement from BP Amoco two years ago, Anne Clement has filled much of her spare time with volunteer activities, averaging about 50 hours a month. She has worked with volunteer programs and organizations and often “goes the extra mile” when things need to be done.

She has been a First Responder in the Ride Along Program affiliated with HOPE Place (Crisis Services) assisting with domestic violence calls to the Decatur Police Department. As the only trained Decatur resident, Ms. Clement rode entire shifts with Decatur police officers several times a week. Although she specifically assisted with domestic violence, she has been involved in many situations while accompanying a police officer.

Ms. Clement is also a Citizens Police Academy alumni. This required completion of an 11-week course, one night a week where she was trained to volunteer with the Police Department. This again can involve riding with the officers for an eight-hour shift. In addition, she works at the Police Department’s Community Resource Center in Colonial Mall about two days a week. Here, she has been responsible for establishing and maintaining a file system for the alarm registration program. Working with the same officer, she has preformed an extensive audit of the open warrants of the Department. Plus, she assists with computer system work.

As Program Vice President of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Ms. Clement has arranged varied and interesting programs for the group. She has also been responsible for the Yearbook. Wherever there is a need, Ms. Clement tries to fill it. She has been in charge of the Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) and is a willing computer teacher for those who request her services. She is also responsible for forwarding “Get the Facts” e-mail from the national association as voter education for those members with computers. Her forwarding of the local traffic alerts is also helpful to many members.

Anne Clement is always more than willing to “lend a hand” when asked. Several Decatur groups appreciate her capable and willing spirit.