Daily Point of Light # 3136 Feb 10, 2006

Anne Mackiewicz has always been concerned about the youth of Carbon County. She is a graduate of Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN and taught for many years at Notre Dame School in Price, Utah up until the time it closed its doors in 1999. At that time Mackiewicz elected to return to school and obtained a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Development. Mackiewicz has been the director of the Price office of ChildCare Resource and Referral since that time. Mackiewicz has been involved with Castle Country’s Promise since 2002, a volunteer organization delivering the Five Promises to local youth as follows: caring adults; safe places after school; marketable skills; opportunities to serve; and a healthy start and future.

In 2002 Mackiewicz served as Committee Chairman for the Healthy Start Group and established the goal of educating parents of free area services and how to get help for their families. Mackiewicz and her group designed a booklet showing all county resources and contact numbers. Funding secured by Mackiewicz and her group members resulted in the printing of 5000 of the booklets through the Utah State Prison. The booklets were distributed through the health dept. as public nurses made their visits to future parents through Head Start & other community agencies. They were also distributed through churches, sent home from school with students and through Castleview Hospital.

In 2002 Mackiewicz and her group also initiated a project to provide parents in Carbon County with information on how to teach young children to interact with other children and to teach young parents how to interact with their children. These are termed “play groups.” Mackiewicz also chaired this group with other members from the Family Support Center, Carbon County School District, Castle Valley Center, and Southeastern Utah Health Dept.

In the summer of 2004 Mackiewicz accompanied four youth from the Carbon County Youth commission, enabling them to attend the three-day event at the Utah Youth Summit in Salt Lake City. She was also a key figure in the formal development of the Carbon County Youth Commission. This organization was formally approved by the Carbon County Commission on April 7, 2004 and provides leadership opportunities for a maximum of 17 selected youth of Carbon County, Utah. This commission is designed to give local youth a chance to share their opinions, working with local government, on a variety of issues that affect youth in their county.