Daily Point of Light # 1869 Apr 3, 2001

Seventeen years ago Hospice of Marion County was established with the mission of providing humane and compassionate care to those with a life-limiting illness, impartial without regard to race, national origin, age, gender, religion, disability, place of residence or ability to pay. Family and Friends are a vital part of the Hospice Care Plan. The Hospice team worked closely with family members, friends and care givers to respond to the patient’s needs. Education, practical support and emotional support are provided to insure that a Life of Quality is maintained for all those who have contact with the patient.

Anne Mochnick has been a champion for Hospice and its philosophies. She has been a volunteer with Hospice of Marion County for 16 years. During that time she has provided extensive community outreach especially to the Silver Springs Shores community where she is “Hospice.” Mochnick is a bereavement volunteer who provides support to individuals who have lost a loved one. This service is provided for thirteen months by specially trained Staff and Volunteers. The Bereavement Program provides group support meetings, private one-on-one assessments, ongoing workshops and a Speakers Bureau for the general public.

Seeing the need for support for the bereaved after the 13 months provided by Hospice, Mochnick started a program to meet the needs of her clients in the Silver Springs Shores area. The program is modeled after the Hospice program and that of the Catholic Church. Her wisdom and tactful, intelligent suggestions have found her to be the best source of information.

Hospice of Marion County has designed a Bereavement Program for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one through death. Mochnick is specially trained to provide follow-up support to those who have lost a loved one on their service. Grief is a health human response which could be experienced differently by each person. Grieving people share certain feelings.

Mochnick has accomplished her goal of providing service to her clients. One client that she provided support to needed extensive “hand-holding” to achieve a goal of true independence. Mochnick provided that hand to hold through those most dark and challenging moments. That clients has achieved her independence and Mochnick is truly grateful for the chance to help someone.

The adage that “actions speak much louder than words” certainly holds true when considering Anne Mochnick’s service and how it relates to exemplifying the universal concept of “volunteerism serving as an inspiration to others.” Mochnick exemplifies not only the spirit of hospice, but the true essence of volunteerism. Her efforts have benefited patients and families, have visibly enhanced the community presence of the organization and have had a positive influence on staff members.