Annette Hancock

Daily Point of Light # 4280 Jul 2, 2010

Annette Hancock is meeting important needs in her community of San Jose, California.
Annette has been serving homeless adults, families, and youth for 16 years with EHC LifeBuilders, the largest provider of shelter and homeless prevention in Santa Clara County, serving 10,000 clients every year.
A seamstress by trade, Annette leads a team of talented volunteers to sew, tailor and process materials donated to the agency including bedding, toiletries, clothing, and toys.
These efforts supply homeless individuals with the items they need at the agency’s 6 county-wide sites. When homeless families move into new housing, Annette ensures that they have furnishings and needed items to make a house a home.
It was through Annette’s community service to her children’s’ school that led her to work with homeless children. Her service has always been rooted in her role as a mother and is reflected in her unique philosophy of hospitality for the homeless.
For Annette, the families and individuals who arrive at a homeless shelter should be treated with the same dignity and decency as any person in need of lodging. She believes that the vision of shelters as a temporary home is essential to rebuilding the lives of people who often feel the isolated in society.
As more individuals look to EHC LifeBuilders for support in difficult times, Annette and her team of volunteers are consistent in benefiting people in need, work that truly impacts thousands of individuals who are in need of clean clothes, toiletries and a warm bed.