Apollo Poetry

Daily Point of Light # 4084 Sep 29, 2009

At 26 years old, Apollo Poetry has combined hip hop, poetry and education to reach the young and the young at heart. His rare combination of art and education has garnered the attention of major media outlets and the public. Such innovation has shown a new way of teaching and learning.

Apollo Poetry is living proof of what it means to defy the odds. From a very young age, he showed great promise. When he was 11, he competed in the National Spelling Bee; 13, he became the youngest magician in an underground society of New York Magicians. But such success didn’t come without tragedy. At 16, he became homeless. However, he still remained an auspicious individual. At 17, he performed on Showtime at the Apollo.

Even though he suffers from anxiety attacks, chronic headaches, and constant stomach issues, Apollo Poetry has devoted his life to reaching the young through the Traveling Poet project. Through the Traveling Poet Projects, Apollo has put poetry programs into action in school systems. He also conducts workshops with teenagers discovering their creative ambitions, specifically inner-city teens. His dedication is insurmountable. In 2009, he lived out of his van traveling state to state performing and giving out CD’s for free.

Apollo Poetry’s dedication has been a proven success. He’s performances has sparked the interest of MTV, the Billboard Awards and others, which includes being named an official Poetry Ambassador (2008) and a Peace Ambassador (2009). But most of all, he was sparked the interest of teenagers and the like. Letters are constantly written praising Apollo Poetry proven efforts in cultivating the minds of America’s future.