Daily Point of Light # 2792 Oct 18, 2004

Archbishop Rummel Operation Head Start is a service learning organization of approximately 80 young men that follow the motto, “Loving people so much that we work to change the structures that violate their dignity,” and carry this out by developing several service projects for at-risk groups in the area.

For the past 11 years, this Head Start program has helped at-risks groups overcome various obstacles. The volunteers interact with this group throughout the year to provide attention to their specific situations. Some of the activities may include bringing books to Head Start children as Christmas presents, reading to the children and planning a Christmas party. The volunteers also help terminally ill children and their families and work with Alzheimer and stroke patients.

The group arranges sportsmanship clinics to help play a sport for enjoyment and not only for the competition. At the end of the year, they hold a Recognition Ceremony to celebrate all the accomplishments from the past year. Members plan all activities including selecting books to read to the children as well as follow up activities like presentations or visits from costumed characters.

The impact can be seen in the longevity of the program and the reflections of the members. The volunteers use innovative ways to reach out to a group who is so often left behind. Helping to give these children a successful head start will result in solving the specific social problems. The activities are not only fun, but they also stimulate their intellect and personal growth.