Attorney Eugene Fitz-Ritson

Daily Point of Light # 5156 Feb 18, 2014

Attorney Eugene Fitz-Ritson of Miramar, Florida volunteers as a leadership coach for Family and Friends Connection, a nonprofit organization made up of volunteers who provide resources to support the health and educational aspirations of the Miramar community.

Ritson began offering his services to the organization when he noticed community members were struggling to maintain viable businesses because they lacked the necessary management skills. Thus, Ritson created curriculum, developed a management-training program, and dedicated his time and resources to ensure local entrepreneurs received much needed training to grow a successful business. Ritson’s training program became so successful that even people from outside the community frequented the free workshops each week.

Ritson has trained well over 100 community members and others from nearby areas. People continue to have access to the free training material that he makes available through Family and Friends Connection. Ritson’s volunteer project began as a small organizational in-house training project, but it has evolved into a well-known source of free training for everyone.

Dev Staff