Aurelia Richardson

Daily Point of Light # 2326 Jan 2, 2003

Aurelia Richardson contributes many hours to Safenest, a domestic violence shelter for women and children. There are no tasks that escape Aurelia’ s grasp. Even when she is hindered by her own physical health, she accomplishes everything that she can in a day to aid the women and children at the shelter.

She finds clothing for the residents who have nothing, she cooks, offers advice, she plays with the children and best of all, she listens to them. No matter what the problem is, everyone always feels so much better after talking to Richardson. She possesses infinite wisdom, which she imparts in a manner that is always well received. She contributes so much to the lives of the residents at the shelter that everyone refers to her as “Grandma.” That title exemplifies what an enormous impact she has on everyone she meets.

Richardson is desperately needed at the shelter. Her wisdom, experience, and words of encouragement are absolutely priceless. Most women or children that leave the shelter have been blessed by her services in some way. Without her help, there would be a gigantic missing component at the shelter. Richardson truly makes the program complete.

Richardson is involved in the program more than ever believed possible. There are days when she is so ill that she should not even leave her house. Instead, she drives almost 45 minutes to be at the shelter each and every weekday. She is completely selfless, and puts aside all of her own problems to serve others.

Richardson helps the women and children with her own methodology. She provides a part of the healing process that the residents cannot get elsewhere. Her mix of wisdom and tough love has worked miracles with many individuals who have participated in the program. In addition, Richardson does volunteer work for others outside of the shelter. She provides food and clothing to those at her apartment complex who have a need, and she also helps the needy wherever she goes.

While at lunch at a fast food restaurant, Richardson spotted a woman seated in a booth by herself. She believed the woman was hungry, so with the heart of a saint she walked over and gave the woman her own lunch. The woman was so touched tears began to stream down her face. Richardson made that woman’s day, which for her is not an unusual occurrence.

Richardson is a priceless component to her community. She makes an enormous difference every single day, and that is truly a spectacular feat. Without her, many would be lost.