Austian Victorian

Daily Point of Light # 3660 Feb 13, 2008

Mr. Victorian has been a St. Landry Parish Senior Companion Volunteer for the past eight years. He has three clients, two which he does respite for their wives. One of the clients is suffering from a stroke, while the other client has Alzheimer’s. Both wives cannot leave their spouse at home alone, so with the assistant of a Senior Companion Volunteer, they have each two days a week for themselves.

The wife of the client with Alzheimer’s could not believe her good fortune when she was told by a neighbor that they had such a program that could assist her. She immediately called the Senior Companion Office and was told that an assessment would be done within a few days. Mr. Victorian was then placed with her husband. It has been a great treasure for the wife, because now she can take care of her business, shopping and do her errands and not have to worry about her loved one. Since Mr. Victorian visits with him, they get to sit outside and get to walk in the yard, something he had not done in several months. When Mr. Victorian was placed at both homes, he did not know either one, now they are best of friends. If the wives should need to run an errand or need to go somewhere on the weekend, all they have to do is call Mr. Victorian and he will stay with their loved ones.