Avinash Janakiraman

Daily Point of Light # 3826 Oct 2, 2008

In addition to being a Principal Consultant for software development, Avinash Janakiraman is an active volunteer for the CSR group at SAP Labs India for more than three years now. He has volunteered to work for many of the CSR projects of the company and also plays an integral role in leading and coordinating new initiatives of CSR.

Being a regular visitor to the Child Care Center which is supported by the company, he interacts with the 50 orphaned children and tutors them on their academics. He has also helped in setting up new CSR projects for the company like the day care center in Delhi, new child care center etc. Avinash plays a major role in increasing the awareness about the CSR group and its activities amongst the SAP employees. Today every second employee in this company contributes in some way to SAPPORT and he is a key factor in increasing the awareness through the induction programs for new employees which he handles on a regular basis.

He has also visited remote areas across India, interacted and worked with and for the people who are supported by the CSR projects.

During the Week Of Service, SAP Labs India's annual event for providing its employees numerous opportunities to do social activities, Avinash plays a pivotal role in coordinating and setting up various activities. In fact, during the 2007 week of service event, he led the team that raised close to 200,000 Indian Rupees by setting up stalls across all locations of the company. This whopping amount was used for the various CSR projects.

In addition to his immense contribution to the success of the CSR of SAP Labs India, Avinash has also set up a trust along with a group of likeminded people who work together for social causes. This group identifies people in distress and raises funds to cater to their needs. Some activities of this group include aiding for the eye operation of a village girl who was partially blind, funding for the cancer treatment of an elderly woman, donating furniture for a village school which provides free education etc.

Thus Avinash is creating a significant impact in the betterment of the poor and the needy people in India. His commitment and selfless dedication to the social causes is laudable.

Avinash social works are generally towards the betterment of poor children and their education. As a CSR volunteer, he has involved himself in various projects including setting up a Child Care Center, constructing a school in a Tsunami hit area, setting up day care centers for the underprivileged children etc.

As a regular visitor to the child care center, Avinash has created a visible impact in the lives of the 50 children residing there. Avinash has also significantly contributed in increasing the awareness of the CSR activities of the company thereby increasing the number of volunteers and the funds. His other social activities which he undertakes personally have also created direct and visible impacts in many poor people. For example, the girl whose eye operation was partially funded by Avinash's group is now attending a regular school as her vision has been corrected. Also, the school in the rural district of Karnataka for which Avinash's group donated furniture is also directly benefited as the children then get better infrastructure for their studies.

Although The CSR group at SAP Labs India has more than 50 active volunteers, Avinash is always considered a key volunteer due to his endless commitment and unflinching passion serving the community. He ensures that even though his work responsibilities keep increasing, his contribution and commitment to CSR has always increased continuously. As the CSR head of SAP Labs India, I always find Avinash to be a reliable and resourceful volunteer who always has the heart and the will to help for a social cause. Another distinctive factor of Avinash is that in addition to his individual contribution to CSR activities, he also inspires and encourages other colleagues to get involved and creates a platform for them to contribute.

Additionally, his other social activities, which are outside of the SAP CSR activities, also call for due appreciation as they directly touch the hearts and needs of the poor and the underprivileged people.