Daily Point of Light # 2994 Jul 27, 2005

Barbara Fricke has been volunteering at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital for four and a half years. The fact that she has volunteered for that long says a lot about her dedication to service. The majority of hospital volunteers stay for one or two years, because working with cancer patients can be tough emotionally.

During her time at the hospital, she has spent most of her time in the infusion room where the patients receive their chemotherapy treatments. As a volunteer in the infusion room, Barbara is responsible for making the patients as comfortable as possible by bringing them warm blankets, drinks, snacks, and DVDs to watch during their stay. Barbara is also responsible for stocking the nurse carts with the necessary items that are used throughout the day. She is a valuable asset to the Huntsman Cancer Hospital and Institute.

In her time with Huntsman Cancer Hospital, the staff has noticed that she goes out of her way for the patients and their families. She is willing to help them physically and emotionally and has made strong friendships with the people she has encountered. She is always cheerful, pleasant and her co-workers as well as her fellow volunteers enjoy working with her. She is always willing to help.

Barbara is an ideal volunteer because her first concern is the happiness and well being of the patients. She thinks of others before herself and has often been a comfort for those in need.