Barbara Price Boles

Daily Point of Light # 3992 May 22, 2009

Our past can sometimes be the greatest gift we can give to the future. Few people recognize this as much as Barbara Price Boles. She has dedicated her life to the preservation of history in Yorktown, VA and has inspired others to take a greater interest in their heritage, and in their communities.

Ms. Boles has dedicated more time serving as Regent of the Comte De Grasse Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), than she did as a registered nurse. DAR is a volunteer women’s service organization dedicated to keeping America strong by promoting patriotism, preserving U.S. history and supporting education programs. Regularly she represents her chapter at the state and national levels. She has also promoted DAR in schools through the DAR Good Citizen Program, Project Literacy, and scholarships. She has even used her own money to promote national events such as the 4th of July, Yorktown Day, and Flag Day.

Her biggest contribution to DAR, however, is her commitment to the preservation of the Yorktown Custom House and Gardens, a 300- year old national treasure. Not only has she overseen applied to grants for its restoration, and overseen its archeological dig, but has used her own funds to help restore historical papers. She is currently still working hard to raise funds to support the repair and restoration of the Custom House.

Her work has not stopped at just being a Daughter of the American Revolution, but a sister to the sick and shut in. She often visits the sick in their homes or in the hospital, sends cards for encouragement, and takes them to their doctor’s appointments. She also uses her past experience as a registered nurse to help people understand their medications and medical diagnosis.

Ms. Boles’s interest in her heritage and history has led her to join the Tidewater Genealogical Society. She has traced her own lineage, and helped countless others tap into their own histories.

Recognizing the need to preserve our history, culture, and legacy, Ms. Boles has had a great impact on her community. Besides helping to restore national treasures, aiding the sick, helping people research their heritage, and she stands as an inspiration of how to take your passion and use it to better serve you community.