Daily Point of Light # 2785 Oct 7, 2004

Barry Rowe has been involved in the ministry of young people since 1989. He has served on church staff as a minister to help encourage students. In addition to being a husband and father, Rowe has also been a positive role model for many students and young adults alike. Rowe is continually involved in local project to encourage, mentor, coach and counsel young people.

Currently Rowe serves at his local church in various ways. He holds fellowships where the children are able to go to amusement parks, fund zone, backyard Bible clubs and block parties. He also holds regular meetings weekly for the Children’s Choir, where he teaches children music and drama. Rowe has also produced several musical productions and the choir has performed at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, the Montgomery Zoo Festival of Lights, Hatley Healthcare and The Gardens. Though he is on staff as Minister of Music, Rowe spends numerous hours serving with no compensation.

In addition, Rowe serves as President of the Chilton County Rotary Club. This organization is widely known for its involvement in fighting the irradiation of Polio by 2005. Another project under his leadership the Rotary Club has taken on is providing dictionaries to every third grade student in Chilton County. Each student will receive his or her personal dictionary in addition to each third grade class. The students who are bilingual will receive a dictionary for both Spanish and English translations. This project is designed to aid third grade teachers in their goal to see all their students become good writers, active readers and creative thinkers. Rowe believes the dictionary is a companion for problem solving as a child develops his or her reading, writing and creative thinking skills.

Rowe also has a special recognition project to encourage the students. He elects a “Student Spotlight” each month during the school year. A particular student is selected and awarded a cash scholarship. Their picture will be put in the local newspaper receiving their scholarship based on their academic excellence, community involvement and positive impact on their community.