Daily Point of Light # 1673 Jul 3, 2000

Ben Moore became the volunteer coach of the Joints in Motion program four years ago. The Arthritis Foundation began a new fundraising effort, which prepared people to run a 26.2-mile marathon. Moore was recruited and is the only coach, among 80 nationwide, who maintains a volunteer status.

At 74 years old, this retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel is much more than a trainer. He has completed 61 marathons himself, his first at the age of 50. He also dances, sings, and is a storyteller. His stories include life achievements and milestones such as helping to raise more than $140,000 for the Arthritis Foundation and exceeding the Arthritis Foundation’s national average of retaining participants (Foundation average=70%; Moore’s average=92.5%). He has trained more than 400 novices to run in their first marathon and volunteers for all Annapolis High School track meets, both indoor and outdoor. In addition, Moore is an Annapolis City Police Reserves member.

In 1979, Moore trained 20 women (45+ years old) to run their first marathon. Moore gives inspiration to the older community, as well as the youth and encourages fitness and exercise to everyone he meets. He teaches people how to make fitness a way of life and nurses injuries for his trainees and many other community members.

To help his cause, Moore organized 10 volunteers to set out water, soda, and cups for local runners. These volunteers have performed this service every Saturday since 1979. He recruits individuals to volunteer in the JiM program. To date, he has recruited more than 15 people to train and raise $3,500 each for charity.

Dev Staff