Berta Jemery

Daily Point of Light # 3755 Jun 25, 2008

From the nominator:

“AmeriCorps *VISTAs serving at York Hospital help to promote a community outreach program called the Bridges Program. Bridges helps to assist generally low-income seniors remain independent in their own homes through the assistance of volunteers. The volunteers help the members in the program with various tasks, such as grocery shopping, picking up their mail and prescriptions and overall just offering companionship. The members in the program tend to live in rural settings with very few visitors, so having a friendly face come by once or twice a week makes a huge impact on their life.

One of the volunteers is Berta Jemery, who is incredibly diligent and dedicated to her work. When a new member is referred into the Bridges Program, staff goes out with the volunteer the first time to meet the newest member. Berta and a staff member went out one time to meet a new member. It was obvious that she was in need of someone to come and spend some time with her. She said that she wasn’t much for talking and just wanted someone to spend maybe an hour with her just to keep her company. Berta said ‘No problem,’ to that, and a new match was made.

About a week later Berta came by to say hello and update a staff member about the other members she visits with. Berta told me an incredible story. She had told me that she went to visit the member, and the member kept talking and talking and interacting with Berta. After sometime the member said, “I guess it’s been a little over an hour, I suppose you have to go now.” To that, Berta responded, “Well, it’s actually been over three hours.” Berta had made an amazing connection with this member, and it became even more evident of just how lonely she really was and how much of an impact Berta had, and continues to have, on her life.”