Beverly Wittenborn

Daily Point of Light # 3861 Nov 20, 2008

Beverly Wittenborn began her career in community service as Junior Service league Provisional Member more than 28 years ago. She served in a number of administrative positions with that organization, including the presidency, and is now a member of the Sustainers, or senior members of that organization. She has no perceived notion of what volunteerism should be, other than to reach out and serve by chairing philanthropic events for the Chamber Foundation, Rotary, Optimists and others. She organized the Omelet Fest concept and has used her talents to help raise funds for individuals in need or just providing a special event to honor groups such as “Push America.”

Beverly served on the City Council for two-terms and has helped guide the City of Olathe to be a City of Character. She is a great leader and mentor. When there is a community need, Beverly is involved. She helped chair special events for the city’s 150th Sesquicentennial Celebration, serves on the Mahaffie Farm and Stagecoach Stop Board, preserving the history and heritage of the community. She helped develop the Sister Cities Agreement with Ocotlan, Jalisco Mexico and is an excellent ambassador for the city. Beverly reaches out to all members of the community in an effort to insure that Olathe and its citizens have a great Quality of Life, even while experiencing phenomenal growth.

Beverly’s commitment to the community is through her outreach in public service, leadership in civic organizations, helping meet the needs of individuals who are experiencing catastrophic events, raising scholarships and support for community foundations and events. Where ever there is a need, you will find Beverly working to help fill that need!

Beverly is a friend to everyone in the community, having given of herself in an earnest effort to simply “love her community.” Many organizations and boards seek her membership due to her reputation as a genuinely good leader and person.