Bill Chaloux

Daily Point of Light # 3967 Apr 17, 2009

All over the country, elderly are struggling to carry out their daily routines due to lack of transportation. Attending medical appointments, getting to their jobs and even running errands are challenging. Thanks to Bill Chaloux, and other volunteers within the About Care organization, the elderly in Arizona communities, Chandler and Gilbert, are able to be more mobile.

Bill has been volunteering with About Care and helping the elderly and disabled since the organization began in 2004. He volunteers approximately 30 hours a week by driving his elderly or disabled neighbors to their appointments, work, and anywhere else they might need to go. He caters to their needs, while bringing joy and hope to them at a time when they might feel discouraged. He supports those healing from lost loved ones and health problems, while enabling them to be active in the community.
Bill’s volunteer work doesn’t end with About Cares, his ongoing commitment to his community also led him to the fire department where he volunteers.

Bill admires his neighbors that have chosen to remain in their homes and retain their independence through hard times of loss. Their courage inspires him to continue giving back and helping them through About Cares.